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Oh my Nectarine,
My lovely Nectarine,
Do wait for me, and
I will wait for thee,
High up in a tree,
Soft and golden as a tapestry,
Within my fantasy...
I'm patient as a mantis
with her hands rubbing together,
There's a music in the stillness,
the death-metal of cicadas,
and the nightingale
On that Halloween,
Was I a goblin,
or a beauty queen?
I do not recall.
On that Halloween,
She wore a wreathe of faded ivy leaf,
The color of Nectarine.
Behind the boarded doorway
of the house we said was haunted
Waits a widow at the window
like a statue of a shadow,
A shadow of a Rose.

You don't know me, but I know you...

You're probably
Drinking wine of plums beneath
anever setting sun, what fun! Though,
I am years away,
I sing to you this song, my Nectarine,
Poor as the day is long,
But it's the best I've got.
So when you're feeling lonely,
on the off chance you think of me, and
The people who surround you,
people who don't understand you,
I'll be waiting in the dream...
That dress upon your bones
Looks very nice, though
you despise it so,
I cannot help but stare.
Oh my Nectarine,
My Nectarine, I had a lovely dream--
The sadness wasn't there,
For closer than you reckon lies the Isle of the Apples,
Though the way be long forgotten,
we shall stumble through the entrance,
Like a lullaby remembered

You will know me, as I know you.


from Netherodes, released February 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Sandcastle Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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